The Secret Basement of TajMahal – What Lies Underground?

Hey guys, I am at the Taj Mahal, and here we can see a mysterious passage on the floor that goes directly underground. Now, if we take a closer look, it is not only locked with meshed metal doors, but if you look inside the doors, it has been covered with wooden boards. This not only means that you are not allowed to enter this passage,
but you are also not even allowed to see what’s inside. Where is this underground passage going? This is located just outside the main structure of Taj Mahal, but if we walk inside the Taj Mahal, you can see yet another massive passage that goes underground. This is also locked, but there is a sign that says don’t stop here or take pictures of this closed passage. Why should a sealed passage, not be photographed? Does Taj Mahal really have a secret basement underneath? Authorities reluctantly accept that Taj Mahal does have an underground area and they say that there is a chamber which contains the tombs of King Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz. But at ground level, we can also see two more tombs which are also the tombs of the same King and Queen. Why would any dead person need two tombs, one at ground level and other in the underground? They say that the underground chamber and tombs are also made of white marble, just like the rest of the Taj Mahal, which is entirely made of white marble. But is the Taj Mahal, made
completely out of white marble?

To understand the truth, let’s go to a side where visitors never go. We have to go into the nearby river, and then observe what’s going on. You can see that it has a huge base which is not made of white marble, but is made of red sandstone. In fact all the structures surrounding the Taj Mahal are made of red sandstone. This is best visible from the river side. Remember the underground passage which was sealed off in plain sight? This is also located on the river side – The passage is clearly made of red sandstone, but look at the material on the floor, this is also red sandstone. On the river side, there is something very interesting hiding in plain sight – Did you notice this strange rectangle on the basement? This is one of the entrances that directly leads into the underground zone of Taj Mahal. How do we know this? Because an American Architect by the name of Marvin Mills took clear pictures of this in 1974, and it had wooden doors, but was locked, so he couldn’t see what was inside. He took a small piece of wood from the door and sent it for radio carbon dating and the result showed that the wood pre-dates Taj Mahal by at least 250 years. Immediately after this information hit the newspapers, authorities removed the wooden door and sealed it off with bricks and plaster, which is why it appears in a different color now. Why is the government repeatedly sealing off all the entrances leading to the underground zone of Taj Mahal?

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