Trinity – Time – Temple. Mystical Monolith of Mahendravadi !

Hey guys, today we are going to see a giant rock called Mahendravadi. This is a very interesting rock, you know, from the distance you are going to think this is just a giant rock, but there is something very special about this. The Mahendravadi rock has many secrets buried inside, there are many mystical and spiritual things about this.

this is just a formless blob which looks like a giant ball of cheese or butter but you might realize that you are looking at it from a different angle but when you actually turn around and see what is on the other side of the rock, its really amazing. you realize that someone has converted this rock into an amazing temple or may be it is even a workplace.

And this was done 1300 years ago. Archeologists confirm that this was created at least around 630 A.D. Now, when you really look at this, your life goals might change. When I really looked at this, my life goal became Step1: find a big boulder in the middle of nowhere Step 2: Convert it into a home and Step3: Go to the post office and get an address. It is that crazy, you won’t see anything like this anywhere except India.

The beauty of this, is that this is just made of one rock which means nothing was added to it. We know there are giant monolithic temples like the Kailasa Temple, I have already shown you another one called the Vettuvan Kovil in South India, but this is a free standing rock. So you can see, there is something very special about this temple. It has 3 entrances – you may think, well, it has 3 entrances, but a lot of ancient structures have the same thing, they all have 3 entrances. You can see this in egyptian pyramids. You can see this in Mayan Pyramids. A lot of pramids are Hindu structures – have 3 entrances. And this is perhaps the very first one in India which has 3 entrances. Of course, the real beauty of this, is even though we have 3 entrances, there is only one place you can go into. And you can see there, this is just solid rock. And on the other side, again it is solid rock. Why did they give us 3 arches in the beginning and in the end, there is only one chamber you can walk into. There is something symbolic about this.

this rock is about 30 feet long, and about 30 feet tall. And I have measured the doorways. The left and the right are a little bit smaller, and the one in the middle is a little bit bigger. It is at least half a foot bigger. Why? this is what we see in all ancient structures, the entrance in the middle will always be bigger than the entrances on the sides.

And of course, why the number 3? And this is a very interesting concept because in Christianity, there is a concept of Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. In Hinduism there is a concept called Trimurtis, there are 3 Gods. In Hinduism God means G = Generator or Brahma who is the Creator, Operator or Vishnu who is the maintenance guy and Destroyer or Shiva, who destroyes everything. This is what God means in Hinduism.

So, why 3 entrances? Why do we have these 3 arches? Well, this arch represents the past, this arch represents whats happening right now, the present. And of course, this arch represents the future. This is why we have these 3 doorways, these 3 entrances. Each one represents a point in time. And of course, your mind would be full of Past and future, but there is really only one entrance. And that is the present, that is whats happening right now. You only have control over whats happening right now, this is why there is nothing in the past, there is nothing in the future and you can only access the present. So what was the purpose of this temple? Now, what priests and other Shamans would do in ancient times, is they would bring a person in grief, a person in depression or a person who is sick, The shamans or priests would not tell them anything, but they would simply observe which doorway they are using. if the person is using the arch at the left, which is the past, the shamans would understand that the patient is dwelling in the past. Eveything in the past is affecting him. And if that person is using this arch for example, the future door, they would realize that this person is terrified or anxious about the futrue. This is what is causing his problems. Now, this was the purpose of this temple.

human beings do something very strange, they are capable of creating things. Which is what creates time. For example, what we are really looking at, is looking at the past. We are looking at what happened about 1300 years ago. So we are basically looking at the past. And we may also be looking at the future. I mean this could be your future self, watching everything through memories. Animals don’t do that, animals don’t create something and go back and visit it.

But because we have this sense of time, we create a lot of problems with it. We are fearful and anxious about the past, and we worry about the future, instead of living our life in the present. Now, there is someting much more fascinating about these 3 arches. if we look at the painting called the Last Supper done by Leonardo Davinci, I mean this is one of the most talked about paintings in the world. But there is something strange that most people don’t talk about. There are 3 doorways behind jesus. If you really think about this, the 3 doorways represent the past, the present and the future. This is why, Jesus, who is an enlightened man, is really sitting in the present . And he is trying to get the 12 apostles to really join him, in the present. And you can see, there is a distinct division between the 12 apostles. You can see that nobody is even coming close to him. There are 6 apostles who live in the past and there are 6 apostles who live in the future. But jesus is the only enlightened being who lives in the present.

And again, you may think the 3 doorways are a coincidence. No! it is not. Leonardo Davinci was very well equipped with sacred numbers. He used the fibonacci series, he was using the concept of numbers in all his paintings. There are not only 3 doorways behind Jesus, but there are also 3 doorways to his left, there are 3 doorways to his right. And you can see..that he even used multiples of three on top. You can see a panel which has 6 rows and 6 columns. So, Leonardo Da Vinci was basically trying to tell us something: Was it the concept of time, that he was trying to tell us?

And you can see there is something strange about this statue. The statue looks almost brand new, well you see the difference because it is brand new, it does belong in this temple. Local villagers put this because it has been empty.And this is why some experts are questioning: Why did they build such an extraordinary structure and leave the main chamber empty? Well, of course they would leave it empty. Because that is what we have in the present. In Present, if you really think about it, what is right now, is complete emptiness. There is really nothing to go for, or nothing to think about. And that’s why the present, which is the only chamber you have full access to, was left empty in ancient times.

Praveen Mohan


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