In Search of the Forbidden Past : Blood Stone | Season 1 | Episode 2

Hey guys! In the previous episode, the tribes in the forest told me I could learn more about the Nagas or Valaiyar if I could find a giant split rock within a 100 mile radius. They had heard about the split rock from their ancestors, from their previous generations, but they had no idea where this is actually located. I could find several giant split rocks around the world, when I performed a google search but I could find anything online, within the 100 miles radius from Javvadhu hills. So I am going to have to start searching, by physically exploring the 100 mile radius.

The search is taking me far and wide, I am exploring some of the very remote parts of the world, where there is nothing, no trees, no buildings and no human population.  Will I find this giant split rock somewhere here? I see no trace of any rock nearby. I have been searching for many days and then I stumbled on something very interesting.  Remember the tribes referred to the beings as Valaiyar? There are places named after the Valaiyar, there are 2 villages called Kilvaalai and Melvaalai, and people claim that the Gods, the Valaiyar began their first contact and communication with humans here, and set up these 2 villages.

This is the village of Kilvalai, and locals say that the split rock is located somewhere here in this rocky area. They refer to the split rock as Rathakal which means ‘Blood Stone’ in Tamil Language and tell me a strange story which I will tell you in a minute.  And then suddenly, in a distance, I see a gigantic rock cut in half, split as though by divine intervention. There is no doubt that this is the rock the tribes were talking about . More importantly, we can see a metal fence in the middle of nowhere at the base of the rock. This is a good sign. Something important must be there, this is why they have put a large fence around it.

Of course, geologists will claim the rock split by natural means, but is it really a natural occurrence? Or are we simply convincing ourselves that it is natural because it is impossible for human beings to do this? Was it split using some kind of advanced technology, by the Valaiyar or Nagas? If we look at it from the top, it looks like a clean cut, as though somebody cut a loaf of bread into 2 halves, it must have been so easy to do this. The cut looks so smooth, it is unlikely the split happened by natural means. It is a very unique experience to walk in between these giant split rocks, I can’t explain it with words. From the ground, the rock looks truly gigantic, it can be used as a shelter, a place to rest or sleep. I feel like an ant stuck between 2 slices of bread.  Was it some kind a safe keeping place to hide from others or for doing secretive things?

This whole structure is about 50 feet tall and 60 feet wide, the 2 pieces look like wings of a large bird. The villagers have strange stories about them. They call this blood stone, because they claim there is a secret opening at the top of the rock, which is covered by a rock lid and blood oozes out of this opening from time to time.

If we observe the rock closely, we can see that it does seem to have traces of reddish liquid, it almost looks like engine oil. Rocks do hold water and sometimes release the water along with other particles,  which  is probably why locals think it is blood and call it blood stone. But what is surprising is that, there is something on top which looks like a lid covering an opening. The problem is, there is no way villagers could have climbed this and seen what is on top. I am able to show you this because I use a drone. How do the locals know about this lid even though they have never seen it? More importantly, how do the tribes who live in Javvadhu hills, who have never come out of the forest know about the split rock?

What is inside this fence? Why do they have to put a fence around a rock, which is in the middle of nowhere? We can see signboards which belong to the archeology department. When I zoom in with my  camera, I realize there are cave paintings inside. These cave paintings are the evidences which may help us understand about the Valiyar or Nagas. But how am I going to access what is inside ? Looking around, I don’t see any gatekeeper, or even a phone number on these signboards to call. The archeology department is struggling to preserve these ancient treasures while vandals are destroying it by writing their own names on them. Look how they have painted their names right on top of the valuable pre-historic rock paintings. This is why archeology department has put a massive fence around.

When I zoom in with my camera through the fence, I could see one strange cave painting which stood out. It is not completely clear, as this picture was shot from a distance. But when I digitally enhance the color and brightness, a startling image appears.

There is a large circle which has a smaller circle inside of it. There is a stick figure sitting inside. Next to it is yet another similar structure, a circle with a stick figure inside. Is it possible that these are UFOs with extraterrestrials inside? Each craft has a small attachment which has some stripes, like the steps of a ladder.  I don’t know what this is. What is interesting is that, this is shown on the sky, because there are 2 human beings shown at the ground level, who are also stick figures but with smaller heads. You can even see that these humans are pointing to the UFO and appear to be running. Around the spacecraft, there seem to be smaller lines, as though dirt or flame is flying around it.  Is it possible that this was painted by cavemen after they first saw the Valaiyar coming from the sky? Did they actually come in a UFO like spacecraft?

What is bizarre is that, what we see here is exactly what I saw in a cave painting in a place called Onake Kindi, 2 years ago. Onake Kindi is about 400 miles from Kilvalai, but it has some of the oldest rock art in India.  In that place, the painting is much more vivid, it clearly shows a UFO or a spacecraft which is shown as a circle inside a circle, and 2 figures carrying a ladder like object.  Did cavemen who lived many thousand years ago, witness the arrival of ancient astronauts, and create these paintings? How else can we explain this?

In most prehistoric sites, we do not see one isolated rock with rock art, you will usually see multiple rocks in the same area with rock art. So I must search for other rock paintings which I can access. What I am looking for is overhanging rocks or rock shelters.

Look at this area, India is a heavily populated country, but this place does not even have a house anywhere close by.  In the previous video, we saw that, Javvadhu hill was also completely inaccessible. Why were these prehistoric sites set up in these impossible locations? This area has no fruit bearing trees, and the land does not yield much crops. Locals claim that the gods, the Nagas taught them how to breed animals and rear cattle, they also claim that Nagas invented boats and taught human beings how to travel in water bodies like rivers and even seas.

As I keep walking I find something which is a good sign, there are fences put up around an overhanging rock. But the fence is not complete, and there is a way for me to access it. There is more rock art inside, but as you can see it is nearly impossible to access it. These places can be reached only by crawling. And I have to manage this in a tight space. What is in my hand? A spray bottle with pure, distilled water. It is part of my kit, and I always carry this. If you ever come across cave paintings or rock art, the best way to see them is by spraying distilled water, and please do not touch them with your hands. I begin spraying water and the paintings start to appear.

The space is too small for 2 people, so I get the camera from my friend. I am gonna try my best to show you how this looks. As I spray more water, I realize that this is a treasure trove for archeologists. There are not one or two paintings, this whole rock face is covered with prehistoric art. This figure looks like an alien. Watch how there is nothing visible, but once I begin spraying water, look at the magic. As I spray more water, more and more paintings appear. If you think what I am doing here is hard work, imagine how hard it must have been for the person who created these paintings. If historians and archeologists are right, he would have been a cave man using his bare fingers to make these paintings.

Most of the paintings are not clear, but there are a series of strange looking figures. They appear to have elongated heads, some even appear to have wings. There are 2 symbols which look very interesting. One is this, which looks remarkably similar to Damru, a musical instrument.  The damru is considered the oldest musical instrument in the world and can produce a trance like effect if you listen to it long enough. The other symbol looks like a cross wire, a circle with 2 lines intersecting at right angles. We could also call it a chakra or a wheel. But I am not sure what these symbols meant to the person who painted them.  This is a fantastic place, but unfortunately the rock paintings are not clear, and have partially faded away. It needs to be examined with X-ray technology so I can get a better idea. If you think crawling inside this is the hard part, you are wrong. The hardest part is coming out of this, my whole body is bruising against the rock bed. But I need to explore the place more and see if there are any more rock paintings.

Again, I see a fence in this area, so when I went in, it is clear that this rock shelter must have some paintings. As I enter this area, the very first painting I find is clearly visible, even without me having to spray water on it. We can see a figure with elongated face, like a birdman sitting on top of a horse. Another figure which also has a strange face is holding the reins of the horse. There is a third figure talking to both of them with his hands wide open. It is very interesting to note that none of the three look human, they are shown with elongated faces with pointed snouts. You can think of them as snake people or even bird people, depending on how you look at the painting. Perhaps these are the Nagas.  Locals believe that the Nagas domesticated animals and taught human beings how to breed cattle and raise other domestic animals. The figure in the middle has 2 antenna like wires sticking out of his head. What was the purpose of these extensions?

As I began spraying water, I found a ton of paintings appear and they are much clearer than the other rocks we saw. Spraying water and looking at what comes alive is an exciting job, here is a symbol of crosswire or a wheel with 4 spokes. I have shown you a lot of amazing ancient Indian sites, But now we are seeing that even prehistoric sites in India are breath taking, the entire rock is full of these paintings.

Here we can see 4 Nagas standing upright, almost in a straight line. It appears as though they are holding hands. What are they doing? If we look carefully, we can see that they are standing on a small boat or Kayak and one of them is holding a long pole, which was used as a paddle to control the boat. Remember I said locals believe that Nagas taught them how to travel the seas and rivers? Perhaps all these stories are based on truth after all.

But there is something else that is mind boggling. Look at this painting, it looks like some complex symbol when viewed like this, but if we rotate it 90 degrees, we can see something rather interesting. It is a boat with twin propellers! This is unbelievable because we use this technology today, and we do consider it high tech machinery. And there is no way prehistoric men could have used such a technology, think about it – it does not make sense that human beings knew propeller technology, but also lived in caves at the same time. They must have seen someone else use this technology.

Archeologists have a logical explanation when it comes to cave paintings. When they see cows shown in paintings, they claim that ancient men painted it because they saw it. This is why we see paintings of all these animals. However archeologists will completely deny the same logic when they see something advanced. When they see paintings which look like UFOs , aliens or a boat with propeller system, archeologists will completely deny this logic. They will immediately claim all this came out of cave men’s imagination. Well, they have to because if they talk about Gods, Aliens or advanced technology they would face some serious repercussions from the Government and their community.

Here we can see a series of weird shapes which make no sense. One looks like a TV antenna from the 80s. This one looks like the Damru, the musical instrument of Lord Shiva. The next one looks like the letter M, followed again by Damru. The last one is a circle with an X mark inside, looking like a crosswire. These symbols must mean something important, but I hope you can tell me what they mean. Here is a circle with plenty of radial lines coming out. It looks like a spinning circle, it could be the Sun, moon, a wheel or even a UFO radiating light. All these are just guesses, because the drawing is just too general, it does not have any specific feature.

Finally, there is a figure which looks very different. It has an elongated face like the other Nagas we saw. But it also has some antenna like extensions coming out if its head. This is very interesting because we don’t know if it is some kind of antennas or if it is a mere hair dress. Remember many Nagas are portrayed with hood like protrusions on the top. We don’t know if this is a predecessor of those portrayals.

In the previous episode, we visited the stone huts or prehistoric dolmens which locals claimed were built by Nagas. And they had told us that I would understand more about Nagas, if I found the giant split rock. So, we have seen some important paintings here: One which looks like UFOs with extraterrestrials inside. Most importantly we have seen these Nagas with an elongated face like birds with hands which are almost like wings. Remember a lot of times, the Nagas are portrayed with wings and are said to be capable of flight.

We have seen Valiyar or Nagas as paintings, but mainstream archeologists and historians will claim that these bird men are in fact human beings. Even though we see them using advanced technology like propellers, experts will continue to deny this and will insist that these are humans.

To verify if these figures are really Gods, I need to find some solid evidence other than these cave paintings. Otherwise, all these evidences cannot be pieced together. Are these the real Nagas? To get some conclusive proof, I need to start searching again, for some fresh evidences in this area, something that will put all the pieces of the puzzle together. What will I find? Will it reveal the existence of Gods?

Praveen Mohan














Ancient Temple Shows Cell Phone & Wrist Watch? Built with Psychic Powers?

Hey guys, today we are going to see an ancient Hindu temple, which is truly unforgettable. Even if you try to forget it, it will be impossible for you to erase the visuals I am going to show you. The temple you are about to see is very ancient, it was built around 250 A.D which means the temple is 1750 years old, but the details in this temple are mind-boggling and will make you question if the temple was built by supernatural means.

This temple is located in a small village called Singrikudi and at first sight it looks like almost like a modern day temple with beautiful and colorfully painted statues. What is so special about these carvings and statues? Look at this statue, it has a shirt, with a collar, And look there are even buttons and you can even see the pockets on both sides.  He is posing as though he is holding up the weight of the temple. Now, Hinduism is all about symmetry, so my eyes are naturally going on the other side of the tower and look, again, the statue on the other side is also shown with a dress shirt with collar, pockets and buttons. This is shocking, because all historians agree that buttoned shirts came to India only in the last few centuries, but this temple is at least 1750 years old. Yes, the painting on it is fresh, because they do repaint the temple time and time again, and some even claim that these shirts were done by a quirky painter in recent times. However, many locals claim that these shirts were originally carved on these ancient statues, and the painters merely paint various colors on them.

Now, remember I spoke about symmetry. Let us go to the other side of the tower and see what kind of statues exist there. This side is also beautifully carved with so many stories from Hinduism, and again we see more figures with dress shirts with buttons, collars and pockets. The faces are a little bit different from the faces on the front side of the tower, but now we have a total of 4 statues wearing dress shirts. Right? We are not done yet! Because temple towers actually have 4 sides, so I decided to see what is on the sides as well. Most people do not see the sides of the towers at all, and i was able to see more statues with shirts. If we go around the tower, flying like birds, then we can see 4 more statues on the sides of the towers as well. This is remarkable, because we have a total of 8 figures wearing dress shirts in this tower.

We know as a matter of fact that buttoned shirts with collars did not exist 1750 years ago. I don’t mean that just within India, the whole world did not use shirts like this until the last 2 centuries. So, how could ancient builders carve such accurate statues with dress shirts?

But we are not done yet, there are more interesting details . When I zoomed in with my camera and took close ups on the sides, there are more details which are stunning. Look at this figure, he has a round pocket watch which goes from his button to into his pocket. This is typically how we used watches before the wrist watch became fashionable. But there is something even more shocking, On his lower pocket, there is a large rectangular object peeping out. It looks remarkably similar to a modern day Smartphone. Is that a cell phone we are looking at?

How are such carvings possible in an ancient Hindu temple? Locals give a totally different answer, with a completely different angle. These statues and carvings were done in ancient times, but they were done with the help of psychic powers. The builder who created them, was deeply spiritual and he could visualize how the future generation would look, using his psychic abilities.

Is it possible that ancient sculptors could use their psychic powers to visualize how their future generations would look thousands of years later? Locals say yes and point to yet another interesting tower in the temple. This is a smaller tower which is built on the sanctum of a female goddess. Immediately, you can notice something very interesting. This tower is “Ladies only”, no male gods are humans are shown, all the statues are females. This is a spectacular carving of a mom saving a baby from falling off the tower.  Hinduism is a very liberal religion, in fact Hinduism has more female goddesses than male gods. But there is something much more fascinating in this tower. Here, we can see 2 women wearing modern day swimsuit! Look at these statues, this is extraordinary, here are 2 women shown wearing typical western bathing suit from the last century. How do we explain these statues?

I have shown you so many different carvings and temples on my channel, even temples which claim time travel. But this temple was done by some kind of psychedelic means. The carvings I find are just really bizarre. Look, here is a carving which shows conjoined twins. They have 2 heads but share the same body. Look at their face, they both have protruding teeth coming out of their lips. Count the number of hands, there are a total of 7 hands. Where is the symmetry here? Conjoined twins often have these abnormal, asymmetric features. And look at the number of legs, there are a total of 3 legs. We would normally see something like this in a medical museum, but we see this in this ancient temple. Why?

It is said that the builder not only used his psychic powers to foretell the future, but also could understand how the planet was, many million years ago. Look at this beautiful carving of Lord Vishnu, out of his navel, a lotus emerges which has the God of creation sitting  inside. This is mesmerizing, but this is not my main focus. Look at the statue right next to it. It has a human body which is standing on 2 legs, but has the face of a horse. This God, known as Haya Griva is portrayed as half horse, half human and is sometimes shown with the rear parts of a bird. If you look behind Hayagriva, you will see bird like, elongated tail.

The really bizarre part is this: Recently skeletal remains of an extinct dinosaur was discovered which has very similar features. It has a face which resembles a horse, has short forelimbs, and longer hind limbs and even has the hip like a bird. The scientists were in total disbelief, but guess what they named this species? They named it ‘Haya Griva’ because of its remarkable similarity to this Hindu god. You can’t help but wonder, are these carvings coming out of the sculptor’s imagination, or did he have psychic powers to carve these animals which became extinct millions of years ago?

There is a reason why locals believe that the temple was constructed using psychic powers. This temple is mentioned in an ancient text called Markandeya Purana which was written around 250 A.D. This is how we know it existed at least 1750 years ago.  Markandeya the hero of this text, got access to various psychic powers, by chanting mantras at a specific frequency. It is said that Markandeya himself built this temple using his psychic visions. But the story does not end there, even today a few monks come here and do chanting in order to get psychic powers.

Sounds and frequencies are considered very important in Hinduism. Many ancient Indian texts claim that you can get psychic powers by chanting specific incantations or sounds. But it is not clear what sounds or frequency will yield these psychic powers. Is it possible that the ancient builder of this temple, who was a master of psychic powers gave us a clue about what frequency he would have used? The temple has a strange energy to it, and this remote temple has no visitors at certain times, and I have the entire temple to myself. After exploring various parts of the temple, I was not able to find anything on the ground. But when I switched to aerial view, I found something incredible. Look at the aerial view of this tower. We can see the circular pattern, the cymatic pattern of this tower from the top. Today we are able to transform sounds into visuals and we call them cymatic patterns. Is it possible that what we see here is a code, a visual of the sound that can yield us psychic powers?  If we decode this visual pattern into sound, we can understand what sound can give us psychic powers.

So, what do you think? Is this temple somehow related to psychic energy? Are these statues really old? Or were they merely painted like this in recent times? Is there something called psychic powers?

Praveen Mohan

In Search of the Forbidden Past : Kullar Caves | Season 1 | Episode 1

Hey guys, today we are not going to see a historic site, we are going to go to a pre-historic site. What’s the difference? A Pre-historic site is a site which goes back to the time where there is no writing or any other form of historical records. So, we are going to a site that’s at least 5000 years old. Pre-historic sites are very old, very rare and are extremely hard to find. We are going to a deep forest area known as Javvadhu hills in South India, this forest is protected by the Government.

The Javvadhu hills are known for its lack of facilities. But even before I begun the journey, in the surrounding, there are no hotels or restaurants, but the village women cook delicious food, and sell them on the street and people are extremely friendly and helpful. Locals stories are always fascinating to hear.

When we enter the Javvadhu hills, we can see the difference, outside we see heavily populated villages, but this forest is almost completely uninhabited. Here you can see how it looks outside the reserve forest and you can see it how it looks inside the protected area. Why is such a large area protected by the Government? Is there some mystery hidden from us? The paved roads end after a certain a point, and there are only small dirt roads, they are too narrow for my car. So, I borrowed a motorcycle, because I need to use these roads for many miles before reaching the hill. Nobody is allowed to settle and build homes in this forest area, there are only a few hundred tribal people who live here on forest resources. For a casual visitor, it is nothing but trees and hills. Or is it? The bike will only take you so far and you must be prepared to walk for several miles, through the woods. The Javvadhu hills are known for its exotic herbs, people affected with lung diseases come here to breathe this herb filled air. I have been walking for more than 2 hours now, and our prehistoric site is at the very top of a hill. I am walking through rocky areas which have some crazy slopes, If I am careless, the fall from here can be deadly.

And finally, there is a steep climb to reach the top of the hill. I am literally in the middle of nowhere and completely surrounded by the jungle on all 4 sides. The angle of the slope makes it almost impossible to climb. There is not a single person who has visited this site in the last 6 months, except the tribes who come here in search of honey. But what’s on top is simply mind-boggling.

On top, there are hundreds of strange stone structures strewn all around the hill top. They are all made of stones which are bright white in color. The first one I saw was made of very small stones, a lot of stones were used to create a cave like structure. It looks like a cave for dwarfs or little people. This is why this area is referred to as Kullar Caves which means Dwarf caves. There is nothing inside this structure, and no traces or signs of anything.

When I explored the hill top, I found another type of structure. Unlike the other structure, these are not made of smaller stones, they are built using large stone slabs. They look like miniature stone huts, but the main catch is this, all these stone huts are only 2 feet tall. It is almost impossible for human beings to go inside these stone huts. Archeologists call these structures ‘Dolmens’. What is a dolmen? a dolmen is typically made of 4 stone slabs, 3 slabs on 3 different sides and one slab on top, as a ceiling. who built these structures and why?

If you examine these structures from the aerial point of view, You find something fascinating. They also have a base, an outer circle made of smaller stones. These dolmens have an outer wall. Rocks are stacked neatly around to form a circular structure which forms a base, as well as an outer stone fence.

I need to examine inside these dolmens, they could have valuable rock art or markings which may give clues as to why these structures were really built. But these structures are too small for me to go in. Or are they? I am going to try and go in, It would be impossible to go in like this, especially with my backpack. I had to enter in a different angle. I have to be very careful not to touch anything. If I make sudden movements or kick a stone accidentally, the entire structure may collapse on me. But, inside the dolmen, there is no rock art, no symbols scratched, just the walls of what seems like a room for very small people. It is a fascinating feeling to be inside a prehistoric dolmen, being unable to move. But the question is: What could be the reason for all of this? Who built these tiny stone huts? Exactly how tall were they?

I measure these structures and they are less than 3 feet wide, about 2 feet tall. Almost all the stone huts are of the similar sizes. But when I examined the area, I found yet another interesting feature. Some of them have circular holes cut out on the walls. These holes are almost perfectly circular. This one has a diameter of 13.5 inches. What was the purpose of these holes? The mystery has just begun, and there is something fascinating about these holes, these holes always face east. Why? Is it somehow related to the sun or even astronomy? Are these structures somehow connected to the stars and planets? Who is going to explain this mystery? Luckily, some tribal men have come here to gather honey. I have always maintained that local stories, the folklore are based on some truth. Here is the conversation:

I am astonished at his story of little beings building these dolmens on an isolated hill top. Two years ago, I had visited a site called Hire Benakal which is more than 300 miles from this place. I documented that site which also has dolmens and cairns on top of an isolated hill. What is shocking is not just the similarity of the structures you see, but listen to the story of a villager who lives near Hire Benakal.
This is extraordinary, because this villager also tells us the exact same story. Little beings building dolmens and cairns on an isolated hill top. The only difference is the name, here the villager calls them Moryar, but in Javvadhu hills, the tribes call them as Valiyar. How can such completely isolated areas, which even speak different languages, tell us the exact same story, unless it is based on truth? Is it possible that a race of tiny, human like beings existed in pre-historic times? Do archeologists and historians have any solid explanation about who built these structures and why?

Mainstream archeologists claim that dolmens and cairns are basically burial sites of early human beings. They believe that human beings who lived here about 5000 years ago, would bury their dead, and build a dolmen on top of it. However here is the problem, no bones or skeletons were even found in this site. Even in Hire Benakal no human remains were found. In fact, in a vast majority of dolmens found in India, there is absolutely no evidence that these were used as burial sites.
But let us entertain the idea that these dolmens are in fact burial sites. There are hundreds of dolmens and cairns. The whole area is extremely big, as big as a modern day cemetery. Today, we have cemeteries in every town, but they occupy less than 1% of the town’s area. What does this mean? If prehistoric men had such a large burial site, then there must have been thousands of people living in this area. Where are their homes? Why do we not find evidences, the remains of their homes, their families anywhere nearby? Let us assume they lived in caves, because they were cavemen. Where are the caves? Human beings leave evidence of burnt animal bones, their flint stones, and even stone spears. Where are they? If there was a human population which were in the thousands, we should have find plenty of evidences of their existence. But nothing has been found.

In fact, nowadays some archeologists have come forward and agreed that they actually do not know why these dolmens were built, modern archeologists are even beginning to reject the idea they are burial chambers as there is no evidence for this. Some archeologists have completely accepted that they have no idea about these structures. Look at this on Wikipedia: “It remains unclear when, why and by whom the earliest dolmens were made. ”
But there is yet another reason why prehistoric men could not have created these dolmens. Look at these slabs of rocks, these rocks have been quarried from a different place, transported here and they have clearly been chiseled to make them into thin stone slabs. These slabs are not rough, they are smooth. Even if we somehow assume that the stone slabs were found naturally, to make circular holes like this, we absolutely need sophisticated metal tools. Without metal tools, it would be impossible to do this. So, the technology to make metals must also have existed. The argument that prehistoric men had enough technology to cut, quarry and chisel these stones but yet did not even know how to build mud huts to live in, is simply ridiculous.

Many people think of history as a solid science filled with facts, but the reality is that history is built on very shaky grounds. When we delve into prehistory, we realize that we know nothing about the history of mankind. Look at the development of our race, as human beings. If we believe in evolution, homo sapiens came into existence about 200,000 years ago. But what we read about the history of mankind only goes back to 5,000 years ago because there is no documentation about the rest of the 195,000 years of human existence. This means 97% of human history is lost, yet we claim to understand everything about the history of mankind. Tribes who live here laugh at this idea that this was done by early humans, they believe that it is impossible for human beings to transport and lift these large stones which weigh in tons. The conversation reveals something incredible at the end.

As you can see, during the conversation, I realized that these people not only believe that there were little beings, but these tribes say they are not human, but gods. Even today, they worship them as gods. Who are these Gods? Where did they come from? How did they look? The tribes here believe that Valiyar were not human beings, but a race called Nagas which came from the sky. According to locals, these Nagas arrived when human beings were living in caves, and they set up a kingdom in this region called Naga Nadu. They even claim that Nagas taught them the ancient language of Tamil. When I researched this, I found out there are other researchers like Alex Collier who confirm that Tamil Language was perhaps the oldest language communicated by Extraterrestrials to human beings.

What is also interesting is that, the term “Naga Nadu” the Kingdom of Nagas, is not a mere folklore, the oldest Tamil texts like Silappatikaram confirm the existence of such a kingdom ruled by Nagas. The ancient texts describe the Nagas as a race which looks reptilian, had supernatural abilities including flight, and preferred to live isolated from human beings in remote areas. And this isolation, is the key difference between Historic and Pre-historic sites. Historic structures, such as ancient temples are built where we have plenty of access to resources. Water, agricultural land, usually located in plains. Prehistoric structures are built in places which are complete opposites of locations like this. Why?

Think about it, today, In modern world, getting to this place requires a solid 3 hours. Why did anyone construct these structures here? Let us go back in time, thousands of years back and you are living in prehistoric times. If you become a leader of a group of people and wanted to build anything, you would choose a place that is easy to access, you would choose a place which would have agricultural land, or animals which you could hunt to eat, or you would choose a place which at least had some trees which will give you fruits. You would never, I mean NEVER choose a place like this. This is an impossible location, in the middle of nowhere. But we do see that many of the pre-historic sites are impossible structures set up in impossible locations. Remember Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, I showed you the ruins on top of a gigantic rock? This is also a very old structure, dating back thousands of years. As we go further in time, we realize that builders chose extremely remote, inaccessible sites. The question is WHY? The answer is this: The builders of these structures did not want human interference. They did not want human beings to access these locations. They wanted to remain aloof, perhaps they did some secret things. This is why they chose this area, it is a hilltop, completely surrounded by the jungle on all 4 sides.

Who are these Nagas? Did they really exist in pre-historic times? Where can I find more evidence of them? The tribes told me I could find more evidence of Nagas if I could locate a gigantic, but split rock within a 100 mile radius. This means I would have to begin searching again..while coming down hill, in a wooded area, I saw that the tribes had primitive means of worshiping these Nagas, by erecting several stone slabs in series. How are the Nagas linked to human beings? Can they reveal the secrets of the real human history? Were they really reptilians who came from the sky?
The Search for the Giant Split rocks could be an exciting journey, Will it yield more results? Will it be a smooth journey or does it involve rough paths?

Praveen Mohan

Mysterious Anti-Gravity Rock – Cigar Shaped Alien UFO Found?

Hey guys, today I am exploring some very remote parts of South India, and I was told there is a very interesting object called Vandi Paarai in this area, which has many mysteries attached to it.  I can tell right away that there is something special about this, today’s experts think they can explain everything, but India is full of unexplainable rocks like this.

At first look, you feel right away that there is something strange about this rock. This is because your mind instinctively knows that rocks don’t stand like this in nature. This is true, the rock looks like it defies the law of gravity, like an anti-gravity device. The back portion of the vimana is not supported with anything below, it is actually hanging in midair. This entire rock is about 30 feet long, but look how nearly 20 feet of it is hanging without any support. This is not normal, What do I mean by that? To balance any elongated object, the support must be in the center, because that’s where the center of gravity lies.  If the support is not in the middle, it will not be able to balance like this, it will just fall down. But here the rock is not supported it the center, it is literally hanging on one end, so how is to able to balance like this? And look at the supporting area on the ground, it is standing precariously on 2 small points on the rock bed below. You may think this is all natural but it is not. Look carefully, there are even a few steps carved underneath this rock. I looked to see if there is something underneath the rock. There is some discoloration indicating there may have been some heat treatment underneath the rock.

Now what does the term Vandi Paarai mean? In Tamil language, it actually means a Rock Vehicle. Locals call it by this name because they claim that this is not a rock, but an actual vehicle which came from the sky.  Could this elongated rock be some kind of an alien vehicle? I mean this local story sounds crazy, but recently something similar happened in space which is crazier. In 2017, a mysterious interstellar object appeared in our solar system. This weird thing has been named ‘Oumuamua’. Scientists at NASA initially thought this elongated, cigar shaped object was a comet. However, later they realized it does not behave like a comet, so they reclassified this as an asteroid. But then something strange happened, this object which just looks almost like a regular stone, started increasing in speed – it began accelerating like a vehicle and sped away from earth. As of today, scientists are not sure what this actually is. Is it possible that this is an alien spacecraft? How else can it accelerate like a vehicle? Do you know we are coming up with a new technology called “Light Sail”? With this technology, we would be able to do space travel simply by capturing light from the sun and other stars. Is Oumuamua an alien craft which uses Light Sail Technology?

More importantly is this Vandi Paarai somehow related to this interstellar object? Both the shapes are eerily similar, somewhat resembling a cigar shaped Spaceship. This rock does look like an airship, perhaps this is why it is called a Rock vehicle.

Now, look at the color of the rocks around. Everything else is almost completely white, and we can tell it has been clearly worked on. However the vandi paarai is reddish brown, in color. So what does it mean? It means that it was moved here from somewhere else. But moving a rock of such a size would be impossible. You may have not fully understood the monstrosity of its size, but you can understand it when you compare it with me. This rock is 30 feet long, 10 feet tall and weighs at least 200 tons. It is not only impossible to move it in ancient times, but even today, such a feat would be impossible without machines. Is this a model of some kind of a mother ship which brought the Aliens here?  Was the model left here for memory or a clue of what happened in the distant past? What about the hollow at the bottom, which is completely covered in green water?  The hollow has been clearly carved by artificial means. What could have been the purpose of this?

While experts claim they can explain everything, our planet is still full of unexplained mysteries. Did you know we are witnessing more and more of these cigar shaped UFOs? With the advent of cell phone cameras, we are able to capture more and more footage of these elongated flying objects. What are they? Are they alien vehicles? Scientists are now baffled even by natural phenomena.  Here is a a time lapse shot of a cigar shaped cloud. It looks like a regular cloud, but while the clouds around it are moving, this elongated cloud does not move at all. Some have even speculated that there could be a cigar shaped UFO hiding beneath it.

Why do we understand so little about these seemingly natural occurrences? Are all these things mere coincidences, or are they somehow connected to this Cigar shaped Rock?

Praveen Mohan

Is Lingam A Tesla Coil? Ancient Energy Device found in Tiruvannamalai Temple

Hey guys, today I am going to show you a mysterious phenomenon that is happening in the Arunachalesvara temple in the town of Tiruvannamalai. This temple is very old, at least 1300 years old, The unusual thing about this temple is that there is a lingam in the main chamber, and it emits an enormous amount of heat. Nobody has been able to explain this until now. Like all Hindu temples, the main idol is situated in the central chamber inside this temple, but this lingam somehow radiates a lot of heat. As we approach the main chamber where the lingam is contained, you can feel the temperature rising. Notice how the entire stone walls have turned completely black because of constant radiation. You can see multiple fans placed all around, trying to cool the place down, but the place remains much hotter than the outside, all the time. It is extremely hot even during winter time inside the main chamber.

When I visited this temple, Initially, I thought no one felt the rise in temperature except me, but when I researched this, it has already been published in multiple newspapers and several websites. Many have wondered why this is happening.
The priests in the temple also confirm this, and told me that the lingam itself is very hot, it feels like touching a warm cup of coffee. So they actually use a simple cooling device from time to time, this cooling system is a vessel is placed on top of the lingam, which slowly drips cold water to cool the lingam down.

But why is this happening? A stone is capable of giving out heat energy for many centuries without any power source? This is impossible, there should be some explanation for this phenomenon. I mean how is this possible?
Locals and priests explain that this radiation is happening because it is a special type of lingam called the Agni Lingam. Now, what is an Agni Lingam? Agni Lingam is a stack of energy, a column of fire emitting heat and light. This unique type of energy is said to be created in the underground portion of the lingam. What we see here, is just the top of the structure, there is a large cylindrical column which proceeds underground, which is what creates the enormous amount of heat. Since the heat produced by the lingam is very real, is it possible that such a lingam, a cylindrical power source actually exists underground? If this is true, is it possible that the ancient builders also carved the entire Agni Lingam in this temple?

Here, we can see a man praying to this large cylindrical structure. But it does not look like a traditional lingam, it has many turns, many coils on the cylinder, as though it is wound with wires, and look at the top, there are thunderbolts coming out in all directions. This is incredible, because this matches 100% with a modern day Tesla coil. Now, what is a Tesla Coil? It is a Wireless Power Transfer device, it does not need wires, but can radiate enormous amount of energy, simply through the air. Nikola Tesla, an extraordinary inventor created this in 1891 in an attempt to deliver free energy to the world.

I mean look at the tesla coil. I mean look at the Tesla coil I am holding. It is a cylinder wound with wires connected to a battery and we see can see electric arcs which look like thunderbolts coming out from the top. This is exactly what we see in the carving. Is the Agni Lingam, an ancient Tesla Coil? How else can you explain this 1300 year old carving, with coils wound around the cylinder, and thunderbolts coming out from the top?
Tesla coils also create a lot of heat, you can feel the heat rising as you move your hand closer to it. In fact, it will burn your skin if you touch it. This is the exact same feeling you get, as we walk closer to the lingam. As we move towards the lingam, we can literally feel the heat rising. Today, we have created large Tesla coils for experimental purposes. But did ancient builders also set up a similar device underground? If so, for what purpose? I mean ,what could have been the reason to put a large Agni Lingam inside a temple?

The answer lies in how we use Tesla coils. Today, Doctors are using Tesla Coils primarily for enhancing the overall well-being of patients. This procedure, known as electrotherapy not only completely relaxes the body, but also calms the mind into a deep, meditative state. Was the ancient Tesla Coil, the Agni Lingam installed here to heal the body and mind of the visitors? People from around the world come here to practice deep meditation in this temple. You will experience an unusual calmness in your mind and your body, when you are in this temple, this is why this area is called the spiritual capital of the world. Some of the world’s greatest saints attained enlightenment in this temple. Are all these things mere coincidences, or is it all because of the therapeutic effect, the effect of radiation coming out of the lingam?

Did ancient people worship this lingam to gain physical and mental strength? But if this is the case, then what is the need to construct such a large temple complex around this lingam? This temple is one of the largest temples of Lord Shiva, covering about 25 acres. The entire design and layout of this temple is mindboggling, the most important feature is the towers. Near the outer walls, Four large temple towers are set up precisely facing the 4 cardinal direction points.

If the Agni Lingam is a Tesla Coil transmitting energy, then is what is the need to construct all these gigantic towers? Perhaps the answer lies in the carving itself. If we count the number of turns on the Agni Lingam, it has 13 turns. Initially, I thought this was a mere coincidence but let us count the number of the metal domes, these are called Kalashas, placed on top of the main tower. There are exactly 13 domes placed on the top of the tower. This is not a coincidence. Not only that, the tower also has 13 levels, these rectangular holes are actually doorways to the levels, there are stairs inside the tower to access every level. If you we count the doorways, including the one hidden by this signboard, there are 13 doorways and 13 levels. So, this is definitely not a coincidence. If you look at the tower from the top angle, it looks like a next generation machine. What is the actual purpose of this gigantic tower? Even after 1300 years, it is still one of the tallest towers of India. Did you know Nikola Tesla built a gigantic tower, called the Wardenclyffe tower, in order to give free energy to the world? Tesla planned on wireless transmission of energy to the whole world, but this entire facility was destroyed by greedy businessmen. Was this temple also built as a center for wireless transmission of energy?

See, if you go to a very high altitude, the entire temple complex looks similar to a modern day power company, I mean look at the lay out. There are 4 large towers perfectly aligned to the 4 direction points. There are smaller towers inside as well. There are water sources which act as a cooling system, you can see two large tanks always full of water. There are many separate buildings inside the complex, there are even emergency exits, just like modern facilities. But perhaps the real secret, the actual power source itself can be found if we can access the underground, but locked chambers.

Praveen Mohan