Mysteries of Tiger caves, Mahabalipuram – Advanced Ancient Technology of India!

Hey guys today I’m going to show you a strange place called Tiger caves. This site you’re about to see has many strange features. I think it must have been an ancient lab. What you’re about to see is really mind-boggling because most people have never seen something like this. There’s something very mysterious about these tiger caves this is not a cave there are no caves here and neither do these monuments show Tigers. If you look at these carvings there are no Tigers and historians maintain that these structures were created by Pallava kings but Pallava Kings never carved Tigers because it symbolizes their rival Cholas so what is the origin of this structure?

In normal hindu temples and monuments carvings will appear to have little details when you are far away and as you approach the monuments the carvings will show the more finer details but the structure is the complete opposite of this. When you’re close to the structure you cannot make out what it is. If you see the carvings from this distance you cannot even tell what they are, you cannot even tell if they’re animals.

But the farther you go you will get a clearer picture. Jus try… watch how the camera moves farther and farther and the picture gets clearer and clearer. This is the beauty of tiger caves. The tiger cave was supposed to be built about 1300 years ago but some people believe that it was built much much earlier than that more than 10,000 years ago. This is a strange structure many archaeologists agree that this was not a temple but nobody knows why the structure was built? There are no statues. There are other features which explain what the structure was meant to be but you do see various animals. This animal which is commonly mistaken as a tiger has large fangs but also has horns like a cow and you can see more animals what you see here is an elephant. There are more elephants carved nearby but there’s also a horse that’s carved here. Why did they build a monument like this full of different animals? Nobody knows.

As you can see this is just a rock it’s just a gigantic rock but you know ancient builders were capable of converting these things into amazing monuments. Just take a look at this, this is incredible as you can see this is just one rock but they’ve turned this into a temple. Let’s go take a look at what it has to offer for us.

Now you can see a most spectacularly machined Lingam inside this chamber. This is one of the most complicated structures which were built in the ancient times. Just go inside, take a look how it looks. This Lingam has 16 facets and all the angles are perfectly made imagine taking a block of stone and making them into 16 equal sides with perfect angles. Today you would use C & C machines computerized technology to make a structure like this but how was it done more than a thousand years ago?

The cylindrical structure which has 16 facets is the original Lingam but the groove the base that’s attached to it is a new attachment made in the last fifty years which is why the base looks a little bit different it’s not perfect. But in ancient times all lingams were cylindrical structures in this area. Let me show you an example of this. If you go take a look at this Lingam what you’re looking at is an original Lingam made at least 1300 years ago. Look at how smooth it is but most importantly lingams were just cylindrical structures just like modern-day Rockets you can see some designs are already starting to appear but this Lingam was not finished. So this is how all ancient lingams looked in this area.

Now take a look at this monument, if you look at the entirety it’s amazing because this is just one large boulder and this has been converted into a massive temple. You can see multiple entrances, you can see one main chamber and there are two Guardian doorkeepers on either side of the main chamber two more gods on the other side. Everything even the base is made of one solid rock

the only addition is the stone Lingam inside. How were they able to create this? How were they able to make a temple out of one solid stone. Of course the traditional argument people were using chisels and hammers and then going boom.. boom.. boom for many years to do this but is it possible but there’s some other technology involved let’s go take a look at that rock because it’s very interesting.

As you can see, this is a very weird rock now it has some strange stories attached to it so you can see this rock has some strange holes made all over it. This rock is known as Meḻuku Paarai in this locality, why? because locals claim ancient builders were able to melt this rock like wax. Look at how deep these holes go. Geologists don’t have an explanation for this and will simply claim this is all natural but no this is not look at the rocks around. There’s nothing like this, why because ancient builders were using some kind of a device which was capable of melting these rocks. Is it possible that the large monument you saw next to this rock was built using rock melting technology? That is one strange Rock known as Meḻuku Paarai.

But that’s not the only evidence that ancient melting technology or heat devices were available. Here’s another strange statue. This is called a Nandi, a bull in Hinduism. As soon as you look at it you notice something very strange. This is called Arai Nandi which means half bull in English. This is solid granite but look how this has been cut perfectly into two pieces like somebody just took a knife and cut a chunk of butter.

According to folklore, the master sculptor was challenged if he could cut granite like this and he was able to cut those two halves within one minute. Is it possible that such a technology existed during ancient times? If so, Were they using some kind of devices which were capable of creating enormous amount of  heat? Were they using rock melting technology?

Praveen Mohan

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