Evidence of Advanced Machining Technology in Ancient India – Tiger Caves Part 2

Hey guys, in the ancient site of tiger caves, there are several strange marks found on rocks. This site is perfect for studying ancient technology. So, let’s go take a look and see what we can find.

 Here, you can see a strange rock which is  standing at an angle. Let us go take a look at what it is. Is it a natural rock or was some kind of work done on this? The rock is tilted about 30 degrees and is very tall, about 35 feet. Upon closer inspection, you can see some weird shapes and abstract carving like cuts on it. Is it possible that ancient builders were working on it, and this is not a natural formation? Geologists and other experts will absolutely deny this, but they are just humans and are prone to errors. Let us take the God’s point of view, let us examine this rock from the sky. On one side, it looks normal but the truth is revealed when we turn to the other side. What do you think now? We can clearly see a series of perfect cuts on the top of the rock. Now we know, that it is a fact,  that ancient builders were working on this rock.

But what were they doing? What could be the purpose of these cuts on the top of the rock? From the ground, it is nearly impossible to see these marks. Even more interesting, it is impossible to climb this rock, it is perfectly smooth and slippery you have to climb more than 30 feet without holding anything. So, How did ancient builders climb up and make these cuts? And most importantly what possible purpose could these little holes have served?

Tiger caves site is a very strange place, the purpose of many of the structures is UNKNOWN, including the so-called Tiger cave structure itself, nobody knows why these structures were built. But if you examine this site carefully, it appears to be a laboratory, a lab where various rock cutting technologies were tested.

How about this rock? You can clearly see that one giant rock has been split into 4 pieces..or actually 5 pieces. This is not natural. This rock is many feet long and is made of solid granite. This looks like a giant loaf of bread and somebody used a giant knife to cut it into several pieces. But it is actually quite impossible to cut this rock like bread.

Why?  Because granite is a very very hard rock. Most people do not understand how hard it is, and many think they can easily cut it or break it.  It is one of the hardest rocks in the world and we use diamond tipped tools to cut granite.

All the rocks in Tiger Caves are made of Granite. So, how did ancient builders generally cut rocks? Let me explain the mainstream theory.

here you can see a series of rectangular marks on a rock. What is the purpose of this? What were ancient builders doing with this?

Let’s take a look at this rock . The work on this must have been done at least 1300 years ago, if not earlier than that. You can see, in this block of granite, holes have been drilled in, and in ancient times, wooden wedges would have been put inside, and then poured water to split them into 2 pieces. You can see how the wedges have made a clean split on the rock. It is not perfect, but you can see how it is capable of splitting granite into 2 pieces.

I have shown you the first 2 stages, one – where a rock is intact, it is not split, and another rock which is split into 2 pieces after the wedging process gets complete. But how do the split rocks look the job is over? This is the third stage, the rocks will typically show the chisel marks and have very rough edges, because this is where the holes were cut. You can see this wherever this type of rock cutting was done.

But you cannot see this in this bread loaf rock. There are no chisel marks at all, so how did they cut this? Mainstream experts don’t have an answer for this,  but let me show you some other rocks in Tiger caves. Look at this one. This is laser cutting technology. Look at the edges, do you see chisel marks? No! You cannot achieve this kind of smoothness unless you use advanced machining technology. Yet, archeologists confirm, yes this cutting was done at least 1300 years ago. How did they accomplish this? This whole place has several perfectly cut rocks, with very smooth surface.

Mainstream experts have no explanation for this, but there is something even more bizarre in this site, I call it the “Twin Rock System”. In Tiger caves, there are several Twin rocks, 2 rocks very near to each other with a gap of less than 1 feet. It is evident that, once upon a time,  both these pieces were part of the same rock and were then cut using advanced technology. But, there are no tool marks on them, except that they appear blackened because of heat.

Let me show you this split. What do you think about that? Look at the angle between the rocks. It is  a perfect cut with some kind of advanced technology. Look at how the distance between these 2 rocks has been perfectly maintained all the way to the top. This was done using ancient technology.

In the twin rocks system, 2 things baffle me. The first question is: What was the purpose of these twin rocks? I tried to go through the gap and it is too small for human beings to get through them. So what were the ancient builders doing with it? The second question is even more baffling: If it is too small for human beings to go through the gap, how was the material inside removed?  This is not just rock cutting, they have not only cut a large piece of granite in the center, but they have also completely removed the center piece and moved it somewhere else. How was this removal possible from this small gap?

One thing is clear, what we hear from archeologists and historians is not the full picture. Tiger caves was an ancient lab where various rock cutting techniques were practiced. But to understand the full picture, I need to explore more ancient sites like this.

Praveen Mohan

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