The Forbidden Bathroom of the Queen of Taj Mahal

Hey guys, I am gonna show you a sneak peek into the bathroom of Mumtaz Mahal. Historians say that this queen inspired the construction of Taj Mahal. If you stand on any corner of this structure, and light up candles, you can see these amazing patterns emerging on the ceiling. This is really brilliant and the reason for this is because the entire ceiling is covered with thousands of tiny mirrors. Queen Mumtaj would be lying in a bathtub at the middle of this bathroom and her maids would move the candles just like what we see today, on all the corners. And she would enjoy these visuals of sparkling lights.

In addition to this, there were musicians who were playing different musical instruments while she was taking a bath. Even the walls in this 400 year old structure, were designed to produce different sounds when tapped on. Now keep in mind, no men were allowed inside this building, but a group of Eunuch musicians were employed to play these instruments for the queen.

The walls are also full of many different carvings and paintings. Here you can see a painting of a  coffee plant with bright red coffee cherries. It looks so bright because artists powdered Ruby, a semiprecious stone and used it to paint these cherries. They’ve also used other stones like Malachite in this building. Here you can see a carving of a grape vine with plenty of grapes. It is reported that she and the king loved drinking grape wine together.

This is the original bathtub she used. It is made of marble, built with a fountain jet in the center. This was a Jacuzzi, built 400 years ago. How did these fountains work without electricity? The water will fall from the tank on top, and the pressure would make the fountain work.

So, why did the King order that the bathroom’s ceiling be adorned with thousands of mirrors? Why were these mirrors imported from Syria, to ensure they were of the best quality? The King Shahjahan could never get enough of this woman, and he would watch the thousands of images of her, on these mirrors while she was in the bath tub. Even today, you can see a thousand images of a person standing in this room. Imagine the visual effect that would have created. This is why this building is called Sheesh Mahal, which means “Palace of Mirrors”.

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